balinga-souvenir-from-africaAbdulrahman Balogun- Balinga
Souvenir d’Afrique- Souvenir from Africa

Schöne westafrikanische Musik! Kann ich nur empfehlen.
(Gabi Obi)

"A flutist, percussionist and composer, Balinga began his music career at a young age while living with his parents in the Nigerienne capital of Niamey. He has performed and participated in studio sessions in Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Togo and several parts of Ghana.

Souvenir d’Afrique is a fusion of various styles from West Africa that attest the rich musical traditions of the region.
Inspired by folk music and traditional songs, Balinga effectively employs a mixture of African traditional musical instruments with western instruments to create a new sound-
some call it Afro Jazz, some call it World Music.

With songs in Ga, Hausa, Yoruba, Zerma, English or French, Balinga’s music is deeply melodious and rooted in African traditions. His messages include child slavery, poverty, environment, forced marriages, repatriation, unity, love and peace- no war.
Now with his band Feeling Brothers young, but their exuberance for live music is addictive powered by an expressive determination.

This CD has 8 tracks:

1.    Samasora (Yoruba- Nigeria)
       The song came out of my experience; it talks about being careful in life.
2.    Pada Sile (Yoruba- Nigeria, Ga- Ghana)
       Back to the roots= talking about repatriation
3.    Yenje ( Zerma- Niger)
       Yenje means war- Africa must unite.
4.    Aboki (Hausa- West Africa)
       Nature has forgotten no one
5.    Sisi (Yoruba- Nigeria)
       It’s a love message
6.    Tobaye (Zerma- Niger)
       Adaptation of folk music to impart the message of loving one another
7.    Aisha (Zerma- Niger)
       Dedicated to my daughter
8.    Ramatu (French- Hausa)
       My song against forced marriage"

Die CD kann man in Freiburg bei Guntramstr. 41, 79106 Freiburg kaufen. 10% des Erlöses gehen an Baobab-Children-Foundation .

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